Late Anniversary Trip to Bend

T & I went on our late anniversary trip to Bend, Oregon this weekend.
Well I guess, we still got tomorrow off, so even though we’re now back home… we’re still on vacay mode.
But we had a pretty bomb trip.

For our trip we ended up staying at McMenamins Old St. Francis school.

The grounds were beautiful and snowy, the staff was so friendly and helpful the entire time, the food was good and so were the drinks, we stayed out by the fire pits and drank hot toddies (You HAVE to make sure to get one while you’re there) and we went to the soaking pool every single night. The soaking pool is BEAUTIFUL!
I wish I had gotten some photos of the pool but, come on, having a camera out while you’re at a pool is a little weird.
They also have a movie theatre at the McMenamins there so be sure to check that out!

There are secret rooms all over the grounds and each one was so super cool to see what each one held when we found it. I am not gonna give away anything more then that except be sure to find the Broom Closet while you’re there.

We did a bit of exploring while we were there.
We stopped by a tea shop, some outlet stores, an arcade (we got to play all the games for an hour for just $5 each), and of course the best breakfast place, The Victorian Cafe.

T playing chess while drinking some hot coffee one of the mornings while we were there.
He’s sucha cutie.

The wildlife in Bend was fun to watch too.

The view from our hotel room window was all snow and trees and fogs.

On our way back there was still SO much snow.

It was such a fantastic trip all and all.
The perfect snowy, almost end of year, three day weekend trip with just the two of us.
We were so grateful for the trip but now we’re both pretty happy to be home drinking tea, eating Panda Express, and watching American Horror Story like the little anti-social homebodies we are.

– Mrs. Price

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