Happy 2 Years with My Best Friend

2 years of marriage, 6 years of being together, 7 years of being best friends, & almost 8 years since we first met.

I don’t wanna mush out anyone but I’m also super proud of where we are now. How we got to where we are and who we are. I’m thankful that this man has been the kindest person I’ve ever known and who can always make me laugh even when I’m super angry.

No, being with someone, or should I say choosing to be with someone for the rest of your life or even a few months isn’t easy. It isn’t always what it seems like or how it comes off as in movies or social media. You gotta choose to be with each other every single day. Some days are easier than others and some days you both need space. But to find someone who supports you and has your back, always, is the absolute best feeling in life.

And for those reasons I know I’m super lucky to have found that person for me. I don’t like to take it for granted at all! Even when we drive each other crazy there’s no one we’d rather spend most of our time with or that we’d rather grow old together with.

You gotta be the ultimate teammate. And heck no I don’t have any of the answers but these are some things I’ve learned with being with someone for as long as I have. I remember on our wedding day we got the best advice from long time lovers who were giving us tips and hints and advice; “It’s you two vs the problem; not against each other.” which was one of my favorites!

You both need to find things that you’re passionate about and it should be things that you both love as well as things that you each love to do by yourself!

Don’t be anything other than who you are but also grow together and try to be better for each other.

I didn’t mean to come off like I know it all. I’m just offering my two cents. Love is love and love is the best.

Thankful to T for his kindness, understanding, how funny he is, his wit, his intelligence, his passion for life, his drive, how hard he works, how much he loves me, but mostly for how big his heart is and how much he loves to help people.

Happy 2 Years, boo! (Not that you’ll be on any form of social media but nonetheless, I love you)

– Mrs. Price

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