Late Anniversary Trip to Bend

T & I went on our late anniversary trip to Bend, Oregon this weekend.
Well I guess, we still got tomorrow off, so even though we’re now back home… we’re still on vacay mode.
But we had a pretty bomb trip.

For our trip we ended up staying at McMenamins Old St. Francis school.

The grounds were beautiful and snowy, the staff was so friendly and helpful the entire time, the food was good and so were the drinks, we stayed out by the fire pits and drank hot toddies (You HAVE to make sure to get one while you’re there) and we went to the soaking pool every single night. The soaking pool is BEAUTIFUL!
I wish I had gotten some photos of the pool but, come on, having a camera out while you’re at a pool is a little weird.
They also have a movie theatre at the McMenamins there so be sure to check that out!

There are secret rooms all over the grounds and each one was so super cool to see what each one held when we found it. I am not gonna give away anything more then that except be sure to find the Broom Closet while you’re there.

We did a bit of exploring while we were there.
We stopped by a tea shop, some outlet stores, an arcade (we got to play all the games for an hour for just $5 each), and of course the best breakfast place, The Victorian Cafe.

T playing chess while drinking some hot coffee one of the mornings while we were there.
He’s sucha cutie.

The wildlife in Bend was fun to watch too.

The view from our hotel room window was all snow and trees and fogs.

On our way back there was still SO much snow.

It was such a fantastic trip all and all.
The perfect snowy, almost end of year, three day weekend trip with just the two of us.
We were so grateful for the trip but now we’re both pretty happy to be home drinking tea, eating Panda Express, and watching American Horror Story like the little anti-social homebodies we are.

– Mrs. Price

Happy 2 Years with My Best Friend

2 years of marriage, 6 years of being together, 7 years of being best friends, & almost 8 years since we first met.

I don’t wanna mush out anyone but I’m also super proud of where we are now. How we got to where we are and who we are. I’m thankful that this man has been the kindest person I’ve ever known and who can always make me laugh even when I’m super angry.

No, being with someone, or should I say choosing to be with someone for the rest of your life or even a few months isn’t easy. It isn’t always what it seems like or how it comes off as in movies or social media. You gotta choose to be with each other every single day. Some days are easier than others and some days you both need space. But to find someone who supports you and has your back, always, is the absolute best feeling in life.

And for those reasons I know I’m super lucky to have found that person for me. I don’t like to take it for granted at all! Even when we drive each other crazy there’s no one we’d rather spend most of our time with or that we’d rather grow old together with.

You gotta be the ultimate teammate. And heck no I don’t have any of the answers but these are some things I’ve learned with being with someone for as long as I have. I remember on our wedding day we got the best advice from long time lovers who were giving us tips and hints and advice; “It’s you two vs the problem; not against each other.” which was one of my favorites!

You both need to find things that you’re passionate about and it should be things that you both love as well as things that you each love to do by yourself!

Don’t be anything other than who you are but also grow together and try to be better for each other.

I didn’t mean to come off like I know it all. I’m just offering my two cents. Love is love and love is the best.

Thankful to T for his kindness, understanding, how funny he is, his wit, his intelligence, his passion for life, his drive, how hard he works, how much he loves me, but mostly for how big his heart is and how much he loves to help people.

Happy 2 Years, boo! (Not that you’ll be on any form of social media but nonetheless, I love you)

– Mrs. Price

Tips on Posing Your Models for New Photographers

Hey Folks! Hope you are having an amazing week!

It’s been a few days since I posted last because I have been pretty busy with my full time banker job AND finally getting started on my side “job” of photography. More of a hobby but I have been having fun with it. Especially since I just got my brand new DREAM camera!

So I wanted to share some tips with you about something camera related because of that. And something that I think that I am pretty decent at is posing my models. Not to brag or anything but I get lots of compliments on this part of it.

Without further ado; here is a fun little post with just three tips for those of you new to photography.

I hope this helps and happy shooting!

(All photos are mine)

I mostly tend to work with new models or non-models due to the nature of photography I usually do. I have worked with some very talented models who knew what they’re doing but I also really enjoy working with the newest ones!

Here are the tips:

Make them feel comfortable.
NOTHING. Nothing is more important than making your model feel comfortable and SAFE.
-No matter who I shoot with or what kind of photo shoot it is I ALWAYS start with letting them know that any pose (I rarely do boudoir but no matter what kind of shoot I tell them this)
“If you feel uncomfortable at all for any reason or any pose during this shoot please let me know!”
It doesn’t matter if the poses are “sexy” or not or just casual or whatever the heck they are!
-I also let my models know that it is totally OKAY to bring someone. A photographer should NEVER care if you bring someone or not. If it makes you feel comfortable than one hundred percent do it.
-I make sure they agree with whatever the shoot is or location before meeting them!
If they seem awkward or uncomfortable with a pose I direct (maybe it’s just a way that makes their arm feel awkward) I redirect them to something that works better for them.
-I will also joke or just talk with the models so they aren’t so focused on everything being perfect and just have fun.
Less poses, more candid, the better the photos come out anyways!

Hands can seriously make or break a photo! Nothing screams awkward like awkward hands.
-When in doubt have your model maybe brush their hair back slowly or have them grab their jacket or sweater or sleeve (sorta like the pic above. My sister is the lovely model btw).
-Sometimes if I have shoot with someone who proclaims to be awkward or is new to modeling I will even have them hold a coffee cup or some sort of prop or maybe a book or something like that.
-If they can bend their arms slightly or loosen their grip if they’re holding something or have their hands in their pockets.
-Tell them to maybe do something natural with their hands at first. Like if they were not actually getting a photo of themselves how would they actually move their hand or how would they actually pick something up and hold it?

And my last tip for the day…

Talk to your model
Talk to them about the shoot, before the shoot, what your plan is, while you are shooting them, getting models to smile during the shoot creates the most genuine and beautiful photos of people that 9 times outta 10 are their favorite photos during the whole shoot.
-Talking to your model relieves their own anxieties and yours. Makes the whole shoot less awkward for the both of you.
-Talking to them about the poses makes them more sure of what you want. A lot of the time, especially new models, love a little more direction during the shoot.
-Talk to them about your ideas and let them tell you their ideas! They may have something they wanna try and it might be one of the best things that could happen on your shoot!

There are so many more reasons why than I can list that I could go on aaaaaall day but I am not gonna.
Talk. To. Your. Models.

That is all for now, folks! I hope you enjoyed this post. Might have been a little bit different from my last couple of posts but I hope you enjoy nonetheless.
Tell me what ya think! Comment and lemme know.

– Mrs. Price

How We Got Hitched – Part 3

Hey All!
I am back to finish off our series; “How We Got Hitched”!
Hope you have all been well!

A reminder to share your first kiss photos! I wanna share them on a post here 🙂

Anywho, here are the final photos I wanted to share with y’all from our big day.

My aunt was a BIG help that day too! She made our cupcakes as a wedding gift to us (it was a lot of fun because me, my sisters, my cousin Fi, my mom, my mom-in-law, and three of the grandmas on T’s side helped decorate them)

For our cupcake flavors we had:
Key-lime pie, Raspberry Lemonade, Coffee (w/ actual chocolate coffee beans on top, Salted Caramel w/ real pretzels on top, Dark Chocolate with chocolate crumbles, Vanilla Bean, & I can’t even remember the rest! Haha but they were so good & went fast!

My mom made the cute banner

We had given these succulents out to the people who had helped with our wedding. My aunt had grown them, my dad had cut the wood carvings for the centerpieces, T’s family and me had made the seed packets we gave out as goodies.

Proud uncle & auntie
(Now we have six nieces & nephews all together)

The plant T & I had used as our Unity “candle”.
The night before the wedding I had completely forgotten to get these & thankfully my sister brought the pot & my sister-in-law had grabbed us a plant to use!

We totally had a taco bar because tacos & because it would be perfect for meat-eaters, vegans, & vegetarians w/ all the options.

My mother-in-law had bought us the cake & my mom & sisters decorated it.

AAAAnnddd that’s all, folks!
Thank you SO much for taking the time to read this! If you have any questions or comments; you know what to do!

-Mrs. Price

8 Things You Can Expect From This Blog

Hey folks! Mrs. Price here,
I wanted to just take a few minutes (mostly a mini break from my wedding photos) to share with you some things you can expect to see & read from my blog!

So maybe some posts here & there to share with you about Mr. Price & me, like apartment tours, my plant babies, what our cat Luna did this time, or important events that come up every now & again.

I am a part-time photographer so I wanna share my shoots every so often if they’re really fun. Especially since I just purchased & am waiting on my new camera!!! (We had to finance it).
& I would love to share any tips I have with you!

I LOOOOOOVE this one. Whether I am great at it or not I just wanna share some of my favorite looks with you! Especially since I like to thrift a lot of my clothing so I thought it would be fun to share how I put some of my outfits together. I also just got a passion for it!

How-To guides.
Follow along with me on my journey while I learn to do the things I wanna do & get better at the things I know. Maybe you & I share some tips along the way!

Mr. Price & I got the travel bug. We may not go ALL the time but that’s what we dream about! Traveling the world!

Showcasing my talented friends.
I have some pretty talented friends who create AMAZING things! I would love to interview them all & share their wonderful creations with you!

Real life.
I just wanna be authentic & share my triumphs & struggles with you!

Sipping coffee.
We drink A LOT of coffee. I sort of apologize in advance if there are too many coffee photos on here in the future!

That’s it for now, folks! What would you like to see? Or is there something I didn’t write on here that you’d be interested in hearing about? Leave me a comment or just say hello!

– Mrs. Price

How We Got Hitched – Part 2


WOW. You have made it this far?? Okay enough about me for a second… what was your Big Day like? Do you have any tips or tricks? Tell me about it!
Do you have any questions or anything you’d like to know about?

Now I don’t wanna drag on so enjoy some Ceremony photos from my day!

(The first look)

Thanks for following along with all the photos! Hope there weren’t too many for ya!

I have more of my day to share in ONE. LAST. Post. But I also wanna hear about your day!
How was your wedding??
Send me the “Kiss” photo in a comment below! I would LOVE to share them in a blog post. Let’s celebrate love!

– Mrs. Price

How We Got Hitched – Part 1

Our Wedding day. 


Wowza. We’ve almost been married two full years now. & We already hate each other. … Just kidding 😉
Still in love but still a real couple. We fight & we laugh & we cry & we love. 

I still look back on our wedding day & even if our wedding is probably no longer stylish; it was one of my flavorist days.
I didn’t really have a theme for a wedding but I just knew what I wanted & thank God that it went so well together. 

T & I both worked like three jobs each to pay for it. That was important to us. Of course we had help from both our parents but we seriously hustled & paid off & for our wedding ourselves. So it was also important for us to make sure that only people who loved & supported us were there. (BIGGEST ADVICE I CAN GIVE YOU IF YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED. If they don’t support you or your partner; they shouldn’t be invited! Besides venues only have so much space).

Another cool thing about our wedding is the love that went into it. Everyone who helped us was special to us which made what they gave or did even more special. We got to pay (a pretty damn good price too) our talented friends & family to be a part of our special day.

My photographer was also my roommate.

My talented mother of course did so freaking much for our day. From making the garter (something blue) to the buntings strung along the barn of our venue to so much more

My oldest sister made ALL the bouquets & corsages & boutonnières from fake flowers T & I had bought from a craft store. 
We had gone with succulents because I am succulent parent to the obsessive degree, darker rose because those were the first flowers T had ever given me the very first time he had asked me out, roses & ferns because we also live in the Northwest.

She also made Rose gold pinecone necklaces (I bought the material but she had taken care of making them (because she does jewelry) for part of the gifts for my bridesmaids.

My second oldest sister has the most beautiful handwriting so she had written all my chalkboards for me & there were like probably ten of them!

T had also worked at a Cider Tap room & I had even covered a few shifts there while paying for our day. The owners are great friends of ours & not only gave us discounted alcoholic Cider to cater our day but also one of the owners even married us. 

Got these Rose gold labeled bags to hold the bridesmaids gifts in from some shop on Etsy because why not?

My shoes were only $2 bucks from the clearance section at Target but they also hurt like hell so I got rid of them right after the wedding. 

The best bride squad gift. A “Bride” fannypack.

I worked at Black Rock at the time & they had supplied our wedding day with their coffee for our coffee bar 

We had gotten mugs from Goodwill & my oldest sister helped wrap the twine on these for decorations & to cover up old labels they had on them!

 My mom made this bowtie for my nephew’s ring bearer suit

My dress wasn’t anyone first choice when all of us had gone to try on dresses. My mom & mother-in-law had very different taste from each other & I couldn’t find the dress I wanted. But the gal who was helping me get into dresses randomly grabbed one we didn’t think would work but as soon as I tried it on; EVERYONE knew it was the dress.

Plus it was only $200 from David’s Bridal.

Now I don’t wanna stuff my wedding day down your throat so I’m gonna stop here even though I would actually really love to shove it down your throats. Just kidding. Maybe.
Thanks for reading! I’ll be sharing more photos of the Big Day in my next post! Stay tuned & lemme know if you have any questions or you’d like to leave a comment & tell me how fabulous my day was. 

Tell me about your Big Day! What is your theme? Do you have a theme? Do you have any friends who created something for your day? Tell me tell me tell me.

– M. Price 

Meet The Prices

Hi there! Mrs. Price here, the author of this blog, & the happily (albeit pain-in-the-ass-at-times… okay most of the time) person (I’m the one smiling like a dork on the right) married to the stud (on the right of this picture). 

I just wanted to tell ya a lil about us, the Prices, duh. & about this blog! (another duh).
We are two full-time working twenty something year olds who’ve been married almost two years now, trying to eliminate our debt, work hard at our dreams, & be happy while juggling the economy, marriage, our families, two very different upbringings, & time-zapping jobs. 

A little about T; my other half.
T is one hard working dude. He usually is working two to three jobs, one of them is full time, all the while he’s going to school to be an accountant. He is a Virgo, he grounds me, he challenges me, & he’s the most logical yet kind soul you’ll ever meet. He is always willing to help others & constantly willing to put up with my emotional, hard-headed, anxiety-ridden butt.  He is the smartest guy I know & the funniest (okay maybe second to my dad). He is a year younger than me but likes old man things like; gin, jazz, staying in, & history. He also LOVES to cook. Thank god, because I don’t, & if he didn’t cook… we’d probably always order out.

Now me, I like reading, drawing, coffee, painting, puppies, music, art, photography, & plants. I suck at math even though I work at a bank. The bank job is new to me especially after managing a coffee shop for years. I don’t like sitting still, or being told what to do, & I have no patience. I am an Aries (which really ins’t important to know but I’mma still throw that in there).  I dream of owning my own coffee shop or being a full-time photographer. Either way I wanna be my own boss because managing a store & a team was my favorite. 

I used to write blogs all the time when I was younger & I really missed it.
I wanna start writing again & really get into it & share my struggles trying to make ends meet while finding the joy in simple things. 

Also is blogging still a thing? I mean I know Instagram is still big but what about a good ol’ fashioned blog? 
If you can relate to any of my story, or triumphs, or downfalls, or even know what it’s like to be a millennial then maybe you’ll still follow along with our journey & keep reading even if blogging is too old school!

Nice to meet you! Be sure to say hello & introduce yourself in a comment because I’d love to chat with you!
What do you like to read about on blogs or do you feel like you resonate well with what I have written?

– M. Price. 

PS. I’ll be sharing our wedding photos (I might be a lil obsessed with how our “PNW” themed wedding turned out) in my next post so stay tuned!